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Dr. Omileye "Omi", DACM, MAOM, M.Ed, LCMHC, LAc. Author, Artist, Healer, Teacher, Fifth Generation Vision Keeper. 

Trauma-Focused Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Dr. of Classical Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Practitioner,  Mindfulness Teacher, Social Justice Trainer,

Picture by Kai Lendzion


Maybe you want to release those stubborn negative habits, life stories, emotions, and thoughts that follow you around.  Maybe you want to connect to your  joy, laughter, peace and star dust. Maybe you want to know your place in this big vast  dark shimmering universe, and make a contribution to building a mindful Earth. 

There was a time when I lost hope in that dark shimmer of the universe, the love and joy our communities are capable off. But after visiting Dharamshala, and staying with the Tibetan community, meeting his Holiness the Dalai Lama, and the kind hearted Nechung Kuten La whom I shared visions with, My hope and belief in our ability to embody love and all those good things came rushing back. With my mindful and somatic  trauma-focused approach I help you back to your weird wonderful Self, and our communities, back to  the path to mindful living. 


It all begins with a story. My own story is one of fighting my healing path, this led to much suffering. I struggled with poverty, health, relationships and just being in the world as my authentic Self. During this time, I realized that being out of touch with our life medicine  leads to a lot of suffering. My suffering led me to to the arms of mindfulness and healing, along with the question "how do we heal?", "how does the collective heal?"  Finding the  core story is the key to healing and what I do best. Once we find the core story, I help you transform what is old into something new.   



Simply put, I am an Author, Artist, Healer, Teacher, Fifth Generation Vision Keeper, who has trained as a  Trauma-Focused Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Dr. of Classical Chinese Daoist  Medicine, Ayurvedic Practitioner,  Mindfulness Teacher, Social Justice Facilitator. I am also an Asheville City School Foundation TAPAAS Artist in Residence

  • Daoist Traditions  College of Chinese Medical  Arts --- Doctorate and Masters in Classical Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbs 

  • Winthrop College --- Masters of Counseling and Development

  • College of Ayurveda (UK) and Middlesex University --- BSc. Ayurvedic Medicine

  • London University College of School and African Studies (SOAS) --- African Studies and International Law and Politics

  • EMDR --- EMDR Professional Training Center

  • SEED Social Justice Trained Trainer - SEED

  • Reiki Masters Level 1, 2, and 3 -- Will Daddario 

  • Yoga for Trauma Level 1 & 2 ---Sacred Roots

  • Yoga for Kids  -----Cosmic Kids

  •  Reiki Masters Level 


  • Tzedek Social Justice, 2021 - recognizing community healing work and efforts

  • Prince's Trust Award, 1996 (under middle name Ezolaagbo) - recognizing healing works and efforts to community  

  • United Nations, 2013 - invited to help form UNICEF GIWA and be on the Board to contribute to shaping the UN World Water Policy. 


  • My Heart Flies Open, Publisher: North Atlantic Books, Distributor: Penguin Random House

  • Beautiful Waters

  • Seven Principles of Wellness

  • A Journey Through Breath, The X Press publisher (UK) 

  • Ploop: A Pregnancy Wellness Journey

  • Osun Passes the Sun, 


  • United Nations, 2013 - invited to help form UNICEF GIWA

  • Co-Founder, Humanity4Water Awards - 2008-2013

  • Mindful Earth Awards, 2022 to present

  • Mindful Earth Acupuncture & Wellness Pilot Program 501c for BIPOC Woman and Children, 2020 to present

  • Founder of Universal Four Elemental Mother Inner and Outer Ceremonies - after visiting and sharing a vision with Nechung Kuten La, in Dharamsala India. 

  • Heart of Mindfulness presentation (2 years consecutively)- Rainbow Community School More Than Mindfulness Conference

  • The Art of Mindful Self-Care presentation - Tzedek Social Justice

  • Mindfulness for Police presentation -  Palmetto Police 

  • Water and Earth Healing Ceremonies: For over 15 years doing Water and Earth healing ceremonies with Native American, Asian, African  and  other community leaders and groups. 


  • Initiation as Yeye Osun and Crown of Osun - by African Elders in Nigeria

  • Blessings, and initiation  - by Nechung Kuten La, Dharamsala, India  

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