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Dr. Omileye "Omi", DACM, MAOM, M.Ed, LCMHC, LAc
Trauma-Focused Psychotherapist
Dr. of Cla
ssical Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
Ayurvedic Practitioner
ACSF  TAPAS Artist in Residence,
African-Caribbean Fifth Generation Vision Keeper 
Author, Artist

Pic: credit:  Kai Lendzion


To help you and community find purpose by discovering the story in the midst of the chaois and shifting epigenetic multi-generational trauma patterns. You get to take home the tools I share with you, so you can continue your growth. 

I pay homage to my lineage teachers and teachers I have received direct transmission and teachings from:  Daoist Priest Master Jeffrey Yuen, Founder of Ayurveda College Dr. Athique,  teachers of Ifa, Nechung Kuten La - Tibetan State Medium of Nechung Oracle



Simply put, I am a breathwork specialist who layers  many tools and skills onto this most vital essence of life. 

  • Daoist Traditions  College of Chinese Medical  Arts --- Doctorate and Masters in Classical Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbs 

  • Winthrop College --- Masters of Counseling and Development

  • College of Ayurveda (UK) and Middlesex University --- BSc. Ayurvedic Medicine

  • London University College of School and African Studies (SOAS) --- African Studies and International Law and Politics

  • EMDR --- EMDR Professional Training Center

  • SEED Social Justice Trained Trainer - SEED

  • Reiki Masters Level 1, 2, and 3 -- Will Daddario 

  • Hypnotherapy - ICBCH

  • EFT Tapping - ICBCH

  • Yoga for Trauma Level 1 & 2 ---Sacred Roots

  • Yoga for Kids  -----Cosmic Kids

  •  Reiki Masters Level 


  • Tzedek Social Justice, 2021 - recognizing community healing work and efforts

  • Prince's Trust Award, 1996 (under middle name Ezolaagbo) - recognizing healing works and efforts to community  

  • United Nations, 2013 - invited to help form UNICEF GIWA and be on the Board to contribute to shaping the UN World Water Policy. 


  • My Heart Flies Open, Publisher: North Atlantic Books, Distributor: Penguin Random House

  • Beautiful Waters

  • Seven Principles of Wellness

  • A Journey Through Breath, The X Press publisher (UK) 

  • Ploop: A Pregnancy Wellness Journey

  • Osun Passes the Sun, 


  • United Nations, 2013 - invited to help form UNICEF GIWA

  • Co-Founder, Humanity4Water Awards - 2008-2013

  • Mindful Earth Awards, 2022 to present

  • Mindful Earth Acupuncture & Wellness Pilot Program 501c for BIPOC Woman and Children, 2020 to present

  • Founder of Universal Four Elemental Mother Inner and Outer Ceremonies - after visiting and sharing a vision with Nechung Kuten La, in Dharamsala India. 

  • Heart of Mindfulness presentation (2 years consecutively)- Rainbow Community School More Than Mindfulness Conference

  • The Art of Mindful Self-Care presentation - Tzedek Social Justice

  • Mindfulness for Police presentation -  Palmetto Police 

  • Water and Earth Healing Ceremonies: For over 15 years doing Water and Earth healing ceremonies with Native American, Asian, African  and  other community leaders and groups. 


  • Initiation as Yeye Osun and Crown of Osun - by African Elders in Nigeria

  • Blessings, and initiation  - by Nechung Kuten La, Dharamsala, India  

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