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Acu-Veda Reset with me

There was a time I thought Acupuncture was for just back pain. That was until I fell sick myself, and acupuncture helped me physically, but it also, to my surprise, helped with my emotions. I noticed with each session I was getting physically better, and also emotionally more upbeat. This change in my emotions led me to study at my local acupuncture school, the Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts. I was in for a second surprise for unbeknownst to me, I had just walked through the hallowed doors of studying the most ancient end of Chinese Medicine known as Classical Chinese Medicine which is Daoism.


Classical Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, also known as Daoist Medicine and Acupuncture is the oldest end of Chinese Medicine. It is the part of the medicine that deals with various forms of multi-generational trauma, psycho-emotional conditions, and the physical ailments that accompany them. 

Combined with Integrated EMDR therapy, Classical Chinese Daoist Acupuncture has an ability to deeply shift multi-generational trauma, big t and little t traumas and emotional imbalances. The clients I have worked with have reported a sense of calm, peace, and effective release of issues. 

In the session

1. We find the the heart of the story and issue

2. First 45 minutes of session includes Daoist EMDR

3. Second 45 minutes of session is Daoist Alchemical Acupuncture treatment protocols to resolve and release your multi-generational traumas, psycho-emotional-spiritual issues, and any physical ailments that accompany these.  All while,  connecting Heart and Kidney essence back together, so that you can unfold your life purpose and true Self. 

     Protocols I choose from include: 

  • Aggressive Energy Treatment -- When there are stubborn patterns to clear the way for healing

  • Internal Dragons Treatment - to clear internal thoughts and behaviors  that are deeply stuck 

  • External Dragon Treatment - to clear external incidents that have become deeply stuck 

  • Ghost Treatment - to clear thoughts, behaviors, entities which act like ghost in our lives

  • Luo Treatments - to clear undigested stories that are held by the blood and Luo Channels

  • Eight Extraordinary Meridians Treatments - to clear various forms of  Epigenetic traumas

  • Grief Treatment  - Protocol to help heal grief

3.  I give you tools for future templating and continuing the unfoldment

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