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I Am Peace


Alchemy of Healing Racialized Trauma Body With Daoist Alchemical Healing  TM

How to heal the invisible epigenetic and historical trauma your BIPOC clients will walk into your room with? The one that is like sunken slave ships hidden under the ocean. Dr. Omi will successfully show you ancient Daoist Alchemical treatments for releasing these traumas through the Luo,  Eight Extraordinary channels, and primary channels.  These channels are renown for holding various layers of epigenetic and current life traumas. You will come away with effective treatment protocols. She is deeply grateful of North Atlantic Books publishing and Everflow Consulting for the previous sponsorship of students who have taken this course.. Location: Online.   Date: TBD  You will receive: Certificate of attendance and course material.


Women's Four Elemental  Mother Meditation and Prayer Ceremony Circle for Peace

For Five weeks,  we will mediate on and give honoring to what is known in indigenous societies, as the Elemental Mothers of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.. Dates: Saturday November 12th - Saturday December 10th @ 9 am - 10.30 am EST.  Cost: Free  

My Heart Flies Open Book Reading and Peace Am I Mindful Art 

I illustrated and wrote my Heart Flies Open, published by North Atlantic Books, distributed by Penguin Random House, and the recipient of a Kirkus Starred Review, because as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, mindfulness teacher, and mom,  I wanted to see more representative images and books that helped black girls, BIPOC children, and all children know they were love and peace. Confession, the images came first, and the story came second. Since being  an Asheville City School Foundation TAPAAS Artist in Residence, I have enjoyed reading My Heart Flies Open to  hundreds of children, and showing them how to overcome negative emotions and live their best most  magical peaceful imaginative lives. If you would like to book me for a reading and Peace Am I Mindful Art Project please contact: For schools in Buncombe Country and Asheville City School District contact Program Manager of TAPAAS, Aryella Jacobsen, For schools outside of Asheville City School or Buncombe County School district contact me directly via the contact form. 

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