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Inner Smile Meditation for Kidneys

Updated: Mar 20

Art by Dr. Omi. Featured in her My Heart Flies Open published by North Atlantic Books

It is never too late to nourish one of the most important organs in your body, your Kidneys. In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine the Kidneys is the seat of the life-essence known as the Jing. The Kidneys is also the seat of Primordial Qi, which gets distributed to every organ in the body. In our fast pace world we tend to burn our Kidney essence out, and boy do we see the signs of it: falling hair, exhaustion (known as Adrenal Fatigue in Western Medicine), achy back, achy knees, low libido, sleep issues, and more!

So here is a simple meditation to help support your Kidneys.


  • Sit in a comfortable chair or lay down on your bed etc.

  • Breathe deeply into your abdomen and exhale all the way out. On your exhalation allow all your tension to drain away and your whole body to relax. Repeat about five times times.

  • Smile gently into your Kidneys. See, feel, sense (use whichever sense is strongest for you) healing blue light filling both your Kidneys up with healing energy. Stay with this energy for as long you like.

  • When you are finished, make the healing sound wooooooo and direct it into the Kidneys.

  • Before getting up, just bask in this wonderful nourishing energy. You can repeat this on a daily basis.

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