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Inner Smile Meditation for Spleen

Imagine your bare feet on the ground soaking up all that grounding energy from the Earth. Or imagine a nice spring day when everything is blooming, or go back to the summer in your mind, and how the birds flit from flower to flower. In Chinese medicine, Earth is the Element related to the Spleen, which makes the Qi from our food which circulates around the body. The Spleen is also responsible for concentration. In Ayurvedic medicine, the Earth Element constitutes the Kapha dosha. It is slow, nurturing, and sensuous. Throughout Africa and Asia, Earth is often seen as a nurturing Goddess, and there are many celebrations to celebrate her abundance. When the Earth element is out of balance we tend to put on weight, feel more bloated in our tummies, have a feeling of lethargy on waking and during the day, and find it more difficult to remember things or to focus. So how can we help our Earth come back into balance?

Here is a simple meditation to help support your Spleen.


  • Sit in a comfortable chair or lay down on your bed etc.

  • Breathe deeply into your abdomen and exhale all the way out. On your exhalation allow all your tension to drain away and your whole body to relax. Repeat about five times times.

  • Smile gently into your Spleen. See, feel, sense (use whichever sense is strongest for you) healing yellow light filling up your Spleen organ. Stay with this energy for as long you like.

  • When you are finished, make the healing sound Cheeewwwww, and direct it into the Spleen.

  • Before getting up, just bask in this wonderful nourishing energy. You can repeat this on a daily basis.

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