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Welcome to RAH Academy
Restorative Alchemy Healing 

Welcome to ancient practices  to help  us return home. 


Sacred Water Pot  Five Weeks Rites of Passage

Participate in this ancient initiation and rites of passage from the African tradition to open you to a deeper connection to the Mother Waters Osun (who comes in many cultural forms), her divine guidance, wisdom, element of waters, compassion, and peace.  Let this energy refresh you, the healing you give to the world, help to re-orient, re-center, and empower you. Date: July 29th 2023 - Sold out 





Many of us women need spiritual guidance in our lives. Discovering the basics on how to use the Four Cowrie Shell system from the Yoruba tradition, can help you make important decisions, gain clarity on issues, and questions that arise in your life.  Through this divination you can communicate with  your guides,  ancestors, and Ori (Higher Self).  It is also a means through which Osun and other deities clearly communicate. 

Date: Sunday July 23rd 2023

Location: Online

Time: 10 am - noon EST

Cost: $120

Once you register, your Zoom link will be sent to you. You will have access to the recording after the class. Sold out

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