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To Restorative Alchemy (RAH) Academy, where you discover ancient alchemy healing tools from the Daoist Medicine healing tradition, and ancient to modern therapeutic wisdom. You will discover how to resolve and release the Gui (Ghost) of multi-generational trauma, while restoring health.


If you are a healer, acupuncturist or traveler along the way empower yourself and client with alchemical healing tools and wisdom  to shift multi-generational trauma and restore individual, collective and Earth. Helping us all to be a Good Ancestor. 

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Uncoiling  Heart Kidney Connection 
With Daoist Alchemy

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Uncoiling the Menopause
With Daoist Alchemy

In this 3 hour Master class you will discover the secret of alchemy, ancient wisdom, and healing tools to connect individual, collective, and Earth Heart and Kidney to create powerful balance, healing and activation in these times of suffering.   You will discover how this connection is also the  key to Alchemical healing practices, personal health, and spiritual growth. 

Perimenopause and Menopause can be a very confusing time for us beautiful Goddesses. In this 3 hour  online Master class you will discover secrets from Daoist Alchemy Acupuncture healing wisdom and protocols (without needles) on how to flourish into the next stage of sacred womanhood,  and heal lingering ancestral traumas.  

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Uncoiling Sacred Woman
With Daoist Alchemical Herbs & Diet

In this online 3 hour Master class you will discover how to nourish and recover your health with Daoist Alchemy Herbal and nutrition tradition.  You will be able to incorporate some of this wisdom into your own healing practice and life. 

Uncoiling the Trauma

Healing Ancient Ancestral Trauma with Daoist Alchemy  & Therapeutic Science

Alchemy Protocols Without Needles 

Discover ancient Daoist Acupuncture alchemical  protocols for healing ancient and epigenetic trauma.  You will learn how to activate them like the Wu Shaman who used energy healing tools:  crystals, essential oils, acupressure, breathwork, guided imagery, and hands healing etc. If you are an acupuncturist you will be shown how to do these with needles, as well. 

Ancient  Healing Wisdom

Uncover a deeper science of epigenetic trauma release through Daoist Alchemy understanding of Heart Shock,  Qi, epigenetic trauma,  the unknown ancient meridians, five organ spirits, and trauma healing as ceremony

Counseling Informed Trauma Healing

Learn powerful trauma-focused counseling techniques and how to use them with your Daoist Alchemical Healing protocols and healing work overall. 

Online Certification  Course

 Shen Gong Yin for Women
Teacher Training

In this online course, through movement, breath and Daoist Alchemical energy healing treatments,   you will uncoil the sleeping dragons of destiny, power, and healing as you awaken the  powerful Heart and Kidney connection, and Earth.  Shen Gong is a powerful pathway of Qi Gong which means the Way of Destiny.  Shen Gong Yin was birthed by Dr. Omi to awaken female health and power. 

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Uncoiling the Water Dragon

Here you will discover how to  uncoil the Sleeping Water Dragon's life force and genetic essence which resides in the  the Kidneys to remove physical, mental,  emotional, and generational  obstacles and awaken a sense of destiny. 

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Uncoiling the Fire Dragon

Here you will discover how to uncoil the Fire Dragon from her sleep to awaken the destiny, emotional and physical health which lies within the Shen (Spirit) and  Heart. 


Uncoiling the Earth Dragon

Here  you will discover how to uncoil the Earth Dragon, so that you can can discover how to live a life of abundance, sacred boundaries, and  emotional integrity. 

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